Convention 2013 – Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Profession Focused Classes

FJMC is pleased to announce its line-up of profession focused classes at its 2013 Convention. At the last convention we were able to present classes directed to legal and medical interests. At this convention we have expanded the classes to include classes in financial fields. The classes are open to everyone but sure to be interesting and useful.  Our profession focused classes will be:

  • Brit Milah and Secular Law Challenges (legal, Medical) (presenter: Orin Rotman, JD) This class will concentrate on the tradition and process of Brit Milah and recent political and legal attempts to the practice under government control.
  • Is this Convention Deductible? (financial) (presenter Stuart Wald, CPA) This class will survey some of the intricacies of the IRS code to review different scenarios which might tend to support tax deductibility of expenses related to religious and work related expenses, as might occur participating in a convention such as this. For more information, please contact Orin Rotman,  Professional Continuing Education Chair at .
  • Men Sex and Aging (medical) (presenter: Dan Pollets, PhD) This class will explore Aging and its accompanying losses that present profound challenges for men. The class will review the biological, psychological, and interpersonal factors which impact on the aging male’s sexual function, response and behavior and suggest practical strategies to adjust to such factors.
  • Financial Investing (financial) (Renee Grimm, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, FINRA licensed) This class will focus on various investment strategies and products.
  • What did Moses need to Know about Teeth to live to 120? (medical) (presenter: Dr. Ben Schultz, DDS, MAGD) This class will focus on current practice and tools regarding oral hygiene,  oral causes of cardiovascular disease, and repair and replacement options. The class will also survey some consumer insurance strategies associated with dental practice.
  • Insurance: Contemporary and Jewish Perspectives (financial) (presenter: David A. Kaplan, M.Ed, LIA) This class will survey The different uses and strategies associated with Insurance and bring to bear various Jewish sources on the use and practice of risk-sharing transactions.
  • Financial Analyst Perspectives (financial) (Renee Grimm, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, FINRA licensed) This class is for licensed financial consultants to explore various trends, tools and strategies facing the financial analyst.
  • The Hebrew National Kosher Litigation (legal) (presenter: Orin Rotman, JD) This class will concentrate on the recent unsuccessful litigation against Con Agra/Hebrew National under consumer fraud allegation and compare it to other similar litigation, to support an understanding of the religious and state interests.

We look forward to your participation and enjoyment!

Orin Rotman

Professional Class Coordinator