Convention 2015 – Training

Getting the Most Out Of Convention

The theme for this year’s convention as well as our training initiative is: Leadership – Innovation – Community

As with all conventions, teaching our regional and club representatives is the most important item on our list. In that regard, this convention is no different.  What is different is the full array of training opportunities that we will present during your convention experience.

What to look forward to:

  • Power Breakfasts – long a convention staple. You will be able to sit around a table, share some breakfast, and share some important teaching with your peers and an experienced training consultant
  • Breakout Sessions – There will be several topics of interest to both regional and club attendees both on Thursday and Friday morning. The best way to take full advantage of all we have to offer is to have more than one attendee from your regional board and your club attending the convention.  Splitting up and comparing notes later is an excellent way to maximize your learning experience
  • Lunch Teaching – a new initiative. Consultants will be at several tables around the lunch room. Everyone is welcome is sit, share lunch, and discuss a topic with an experienced consultant
  • Power Break – another new initiative. Instead of your normal breakout sessions in the afternoon, attendees will be able to attend an open forum session with a consultant and enjoy a pleasant half hour of give and take discussion and refreshment.
  • Program Fair – besides getting to see some of the amazing FJMC programs that we have to offer, we will have consultants available to discuss in more detail any of the programs.
  • Free Range Consultants – During the convention you will see consultants walking around. They will be wearing blue hats marked ASK ME.  So, ask them for directions, questions on programs, time of day. They are there for you!
  • Mentor Program – Introduced last convention, it is back. First time attendees will be paired with experienced convention attendees.  No need to feel lost and uncomfortable, everyone should feel part of the family.

This convention is for you; Regional officers, Regional board members, Club officers, Club members.  The most productive way to grow your clubs and regions is to learn and pass on the latest in programming and new initiatives. There will be something for everybody. New Club Presidents, New Regional Presidents – there is nothing more important you can do for your club or region than learning how to be the most effective leader you can be. Take advantage of all the training you can. Enjoy the keynote speakers. Network with your peers.  And most of all – have some fun and experience the RUACH that is a men’s club convention.

See you in July!
Jeff Schulman, Convention Training Chair